Quintinha das Rosas

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Lage Quintinha das Rosas


price: 49.000,00 EUR

existing 32 m²,,land area: 17'800 m²

Status in progress


This hidden self-sufficient plot offers complete tranquility and idyll. The flat terrain, the many productive fruit trees, its own water and even a fenced garden-area are only a few of the features that come to mind when thinking about this property. Priceless values in a time like the present!

Just 6 kilometres away from the historic little town of Monsanto and almost in reaching distance to the Spanish border, this property lies hidden in midst of nature with a wonderful view over the surroundings.

Property Layout

The plot consists of two adjacent farming plots, with a total size of 17.800 m². Both parcels have a small natural stone house with a size of about 4×4 metres, one of which has been used up until now by the previous owner for gardening purposes and is lockable.

The other one does not have a door anymore, but is also solid and well preserved.

The property has been used for agriculture for many years and is currently still being kept in shape by the previous owner. The soil is very fertile and ideal for agriculture, water is provided by a well and a water hole.

The fruit trees deliver rich harvests every year and consist of pears, olives, pomegranates, peaches, apples, figs and grapes. There’s also a couple of cork oaks and oaks in the upper part of the property.

The mimosa trees supply the firewood.

Location and Distances

Coordinates: 40.0715539 -7.0845193

The property is accessible with a normal car, the natural access road has a length of 1.8 kms and is in a good condition.
6 kilometres to Monsanto, 52 minutes to Castelo Branco.

Lisbon airport 2:45, Porto airport 3:15.


  • Water: own water from well and water hole
  • Electricity: none existing, autonomous solution recommended
  • Phone/Internet: mobile, satellite
  • Sewage: not existing


  • Price: € 49’000.–
  • Purchase expenses: approx. € 3’000.–
  • Annual property taxes: none
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