Tapada das Cancelas

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price: 92.000,00 EUR

existing: 350m²,possible: 500m²,land: 4,4ha

Status sold


Extensive, sunny and quiet Quinta with lots of development potential and everything that a self-sufficient heart could possibly desire.

Lots of own water, building with outbuildings and stables registered as as a residential building in the registry, olive trees, grape vines, fruit trees, old cork oaks, pastures and agriculture land, etc., offer an excellent base for the development of a private backup, a tourism project (eco-tourism, horse ranch, retreat, etc.), or something similar.

Property layout

The different buildings with a total footprint of 350 m2 consist partially of natural stone walls and partially of brick stone walls, and have been mainly used as outbuildings and stables for the past few years. However, since all the buildings are registered in the registry as residential buildings, they can be renovated / developed without any building entry according to one’s own ideas and plans. For example as bungalow guest houses, etc. Except for the walls, all the buildings have to be renewed completely, which offers the opportunity to use ecological building materials such as clay, straw, and wood.

The buildings are located very privately in the middle of the property, and are surrounded by a diverse flora with olive trees, fig trees and mimosa trees, which offer protection from “curious eyes”. If someone wishes to have more building area, it can be expanded to 500 m2 through a building entry / project. For tourism projects there are additional hundreds or even thousands m2 of expansion possibilities, depening on the project. For projects within the existing parameter of 350 m2, only a registration in the tax office is required, without any further permits.

The property is closed / protected towards the main road and the natural road with a massive stone wall, and towards the neighbouring properties with a fence. Throughout the last years the property has been mainly used for extensive livestock farming.

There are over 200 younger and older olive trees planted all over the property, which give a harvest of about 3000 kgs, which results in about 300-400 litres of olive oil.

There is enough water for gardens, animals and inhabitants through 3 own wells.

On one side of the property, where the buildings are located, there’s a major vineyard with over 500 vines, fertile agriculture land, lots of fruit trees such as figs, oranges, apples, pears, peaches, a massive laurel tree, magnolia trees, a lime tree, and shady cork oaks.

The other half of the property consists mainly of pastures, olive trees and a few cork oaks, providing nice shady spots for the animals during Summer. Due to this allocation, the Quinta offers excellent conditions for livestock farming, i.e. horses or sheep.

Location and Distances

The property is flat and well accessible. Flat natural road (about 100 metres) leads from the paved road to the entrance gate of the property.

About 3 kilometres to the lovely, characteristic town of Nisa with good infrastructures, cafés, restaurants, etc. From there it’s another 15 minute drive to the touristic swimming lake with Summer festivals and other attractions.

8 minutes to the IP2, which provides good access to the district capital Portalegre (20 minutes) or to the A23 to Lisbon (2 hours). About 40 minutes to Castelo Branco.


  • Water: own water from 3 wells
  • Electricity: autonomous solution via solar is recommended
  • Phone/Internet: good mobile signal
  • Sewage: septic tank / compost toilet to be built


  • Price: € 92’000.–
  • Purchase expenses: € about 3’500.–
  • Annual property taxes: € 90.–
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