We supply dry firewood cut to the required size. Available throughout the year. (Dry firewood is usually only available in summer here).

Cost from € 30.- per bulk meter, depending on type of wood. Transport cost per arrangement.








Honey from our organically run beekeeping

With years of experience Noah Bösch is perfecting the sensitive art of organic beekeeping. We live in a secluded small valley, amidst green forest hills, with a rich variety of wild herbs and flowers.Our gardens and orchards are kept in a natural permaculture way without the use of any chemical substances. Through the absence of large-scale agriculture in this region our harvest of honey are relatively small, but pure and rich in flavour. The honey is dark and spicy.

We are pleased to offer you this rare, natural speciality at the price of 4 € per 500 g- or 6 € per 1000 g-Glass.