Price:  € 295'000.--

existing:       about 300   m²     possible:  800 m²  residential buildings and 2'000 m² outbuildings              land: 17, 9 ha



This organic big-scale Quinta is pretty much the ultimate all-in-one property.

Be it as an investment property with interesting profits, as a perfect self-sufficient family residence with guaranteed income, as a living space for a community or for the development of an interesting agro-tourism project, this Quinta has in every way the best preconditions: lots of water through a small fountain-supplied lake, ponds and wells, vineyard, fruit tree plantations, olive groves, cultivation land, pastures, diverse flora and fauna, biotopes, wild hedges and nesting places.

A existing functional residential house, stables, different agricultural buildings, shady chilling places underneath huge cork oaks and many other details give this place a very unique and varied challenge for a conscious nature lover, who seeks to give his life a new direction.

Property Layout

There is a simple but functional 1-storey residential building in the typical country-side style, with a large kitchen with an open fireplace, living room, washroom and 3 bedrooms.

In front of the house there is a big stone table inviting for a chilly lunch in the shades of the big oak trees.

The drinking water supply comes from the own well, with lots of fresh and clean water throughout the year. Next to it is a big type of barn for the placement of farming tools and to hold cars and machines.


A further natural stone house is located in the middle of the property, which is well developed through natural roads.

The entire land is connected through an underground irrigation system, which is connected to the lake and leads to the vineyard and the fruit tree plantations.


The vineyard produces about 12'000 liters of good-quality bio-wine, which until now was sold to a cooperative, but has potential to be expanded into an own biological wine brand (as an example). Furthermore there are about 1'000 mostly low sized (easy to harvest) olive trees, of different qualities and kinds, for olive oil production as well as olives for consumption. Currently the olives also go into a cooperative, which means that again there is potential for a lot more interesting possibilities. 
From the bio-agriculture alone there is an annual subvention of € 11'000.--, which can be raised in case of agricultural expansion. 

Furthermore there is big amount of fruit trees of all kinds, such as lemons, oranges, mandarines, figs, apricots, peaches, cherries, nespera, apples, pears, etc, all of them well-kept, biological, and giving good harvests. These are true values.

The bio-fruits can of course also be sold or processed according to one's intentions.

As already mentioned, there is a lot of fertile cultivation land with easy irrigation possibilities for a biological agriculture. Also lots of fenced pastures for sheep or horses.

Generally the land is intelligently structured, and therefore efficient to cultivate.

In terms of climate this region with its rather dry and hot Summers is ideal and famous for the plantation of fruits and grape vines.

Location and Distances

10 minutes to the next larger place Idanha-a-Nova, 15 minutes to the large, idyllic lake of Idanha-a-Nova with varied watersports and swimming possibilities. 30 minutes to Castelo Branco and 2,4 h to Lisbon and the airport. 


-Water: own water from lake, ponds and wells 

-Sewage: septic tank existing

-Electricity: mains connected 

-Phone/Internet: landline connected



-Price: € 295'000.-- 

-Purchase expenses: € 14'000.--

-Annual property taxes: about € 100.--