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Lage Quintinha do Lagar


price: 69.000,00 EUR

existing: 54 m²,possible: 128 m²,land: 10'890 m²


Quintinha do Lagar is a very idyllic riverfront property in a quiet, yet central location.

The property offers exellent conditions for a lifestyle in touch with nature: registered and renovated residential building, own water and lots of land for agriculture.

Property Layout

The residential house is a natural stone building that once served as a mill (thus the name “lagar”) and has since been renovated. It is registered as a legal residential building with a total area of 128 m2. It is divided into two main levels (floors) which can be converted / used according to one’s preferences. The kitchen and bathroom have been prepared on the upper level. A wood-fired oven is installed on the ground level.

The effective area is currently approx. 54 m2 and can be expanded at least up to the registered area of 128 m2. Possibly even further, upon approval by the council.

The property consists of a flat area alongside the river and a forest area towards the slope. The vegetation is diverse without any eucalyptus trees, instead there are pines, cork oaks, medronhos (strawberry tree), and a big fig tree.
In the lower part of the property there’s a lot of space and fertile soil for agriculture.
The upper part of the property offers extensive views over the surroundings and also lots of space for creative projects. There are two “plattforms” as in plane areas that can be used as parking / camping spaces (approx. 450 + 150 m2).

The water supply is provided through a traditional water mine that was built in the rocks, providing lots of fresh drinking water throughout the year. In addition there’s the river which also carries water year-around.
Alongside the river there are beautiful spots, including a natural “pool” that is located just in front of the house. Natural beauty at its finest!

Location and Distances

Coordinates: 39.833239 -8.099645

The property is accessible through a dirt road which is in good condition, not requiring a 4-wheel drive.
The nearest town “Serta” is located at approx. 5 kilometres distance and has all basic amenities.

Approx. 1 hour drive to the beautiful beaches of the Atlantic coast.
Approx. 2 hours to the international airports of Porto and Lisbon.


  • Water: own water from an old water mine, river
  • Electricity: none existing, autonomous solution recommended
  • Phone/Internet: mobile signal, satellite
  • Sewage: none existing


  • Price: € 69’000.–
  • Purchase expenses: approx. € 3’000.–
  • Annual property taxes: € 50.–
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