Properties for sale in rural and Central Portugal

Hello and welcome to our website.  Down below you will find a few general informations about us, our services and our lovely country. We hope that you will find it helpful, and we invite you to give us a feedback if you feel to do so.

For more than 20 years we have searched the green, romantic heart of central and rural Portugal to find some of the most special places. Our focus is on properties with particular characteristics such as water – we look for properties by a stream, river or lake – as well as land suitable for permaculture or self-sufficiency, further more beautifully situated building plots, quintas, ruins and also village houses.. We are continually able to offer a range of selected property at competitive prices – chosen by individuals for individuals.

Another service we offer include Portugal wide real estate consultancy. Our site lists important and useful information on buying real estate with land and building a house in Portugal with help from us.

Our pet project is straw bale construction. Building with straw is an interesting endeavour in many respects, but it requires a very specific building permit in Portugal, which is where our experience can greatly help.

We can also help regarding building a timber frame house using imported woods such as larch or nordic pine. With our own woodworking shop and timber supply, we are able to help you with the planning and construction of timber frame houses, cabins, treehouses from plan or to your design and specifications. We can also supply biological timber preservatives and wood oils, professional mounting hardware, etc…

Find out who we are, how we work, and why we do not operate a classic “estate agent” business. Also find out about living in Portugal. Here you can find information on the country and people, the climate, taxes and charges, cost of living, immigration and more – updated continuously.

The marketplace is a place where a variety of products and services are offered regarding all aspects of life in Portugal and here you will find current updates on topics related to Portugal and property purchases.

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Properties for sale in rural Portugal

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About us

Our family business was founded by Edith and Markus Bösch in 1994. A tour through Europe in 1989 took us from our old home in Switzerland and on our travels we found this area of central Portugal, the idyllic lakes and area around the Rio Zêzere. We fell in love with the landscape, the simple warmth of its people, the rhythm of life, and of course with our water mill property which we bought and renovated, and where we still live.

Buying and Building

We use a promissory contract (Contrato Promessa de Compra e Venda) which has been written by our solicitor and which is a legally binding contract which seals the deal at the agreed price. This contract details the property, the price and describes how the deposit and balance of payment must be paid.

Timber and Construction

Portugal – the country of vast forests and lovely landscapes with the evergreen lush and blooming flora and scented clean air. About 70% of the Portuguese land area is forest and scrubland. The vegetation reflects the climatic differences between the north and south of the country.

Pine (pinheiro bravo) and eucalyptus are exported. 500 years ago so much oak and chestnut timber was used to build ships for discovery exploration and conquests that stocks have never been able to regenerate to a sustainable level. The available timber was used for the construction of houses. Until the 1940- /50’s the roof trusses and beams of stone houses were still largely made ​​of chestnut, oak or eucalyptus. Later, from the 1970s, condtruction timber was mostly avoided in new buildings.

Eucalyptus is processed largely for cellulose. Pine gives log burnerpellets, pallet wood, but only limited timber, due to the low quality for building. Pines grow far too quickly here and therefore do not develop natural resistance to pests. Pine used for floorboards, beams & paneling must be treated with strong woodtreatments first, both against pests as well as against fungal attack. Due to these observations and experiences we’ve decided to create the possibility of acquiring high quality construction timbers through our company…



The past 50 years has seen a marked exodus from rural Central Portugal with people seeking employment in the bigger cities and overseas. As a result, both the locals and the local authorities are welcoming and accommodating to foreigners investing in property, in part for the support tolocal businesses, which are mostly small family run enterprises, and in part, simply because the Portuguese are very friendly

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