Janet & Martinho

In 2008 we saw a completely overgrown vegetation plot which included a natural stone ruin. A lot of imagination & spirit was going to be needed to shine this rough diamond! But thanks to the great contacts that we made through the German site of Markus Bosch and the direct practical help we received, our plans quickly took shape.

It was magnificent that we received so many tips, help & advice and contacts from Markus. For this project our partners have become friends. We experienced even in the hard phases of this project a holiday under the deep blue sky and the unique light of Portugal, in this great area.

A sense of adventure and a sense of serenity you should have for such an undertaking! But there is not a better country than Portugal with it’s helpful and relaxed, but also reliable people. It is a quite well organized place with a balancing act between laid back and hard working. In conclusion, after initial doubts: In Your Face!

Meanwhile, our rough diamond is polished, the house and grounds “finished” if there is such a thing in such a plot. Have a look for yourselves www.landleben-portugal.com

Janet & Martinho with children Pedrogao Grande, January 2014

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