Timber in Portugal

As a result and in cooperation with our Austrian carpenter we’re now able to offer high quality construction timber, such as spruce plained all around, rough-sawn spruce, rough-sawn larch and OSB 3 panels. For more information regarding our price lists and timber stock or supply, please contact us through our email info@portugalissimo.eu


Mountain Larch

Due to the high altitude growth areas which it inhabits, Mountain Larch is slow growing which makes it very strong with low swelling and shrinking properties. The heartwood is resistant to weathering and fungus and therefore does not need be impregnated or treated against pests. It is one of Europe’s heaviest and hardest woods.

A special feature of mountain larch is a plant substance, the flavonoid DHQ (taxifolin). Taxifolin has proved to have wide ranging health benefits including reducing cardiovascular diseases(vasodilating and vascular stabilizing & lowers blood pressure), the binding ability of reactive oxygen species (ROS), antioxidant and anticarcinogenic properties..

Because of all the characteristics of this wood it is suitable for interior and exterior uses and provides a healthy living environment.


About the Tyrolean Spruce

Around 58% of the trees in the forest are Tyrolean spruce. They grow at higher altitudes and are slow growing and thus they are resin-rich and strong. The Tyrolean spruce is a very high quality building material for all interior structural applications such as roof trusses & joists etc.  Oven dried with a residual moisture content of 8-15% – this wood an optimal price / performance ratio.

Building in wood is becoming increasingly popular due to its beauty and simplicity. As quality timber is required for renovations, we have created an opportunity to buy, incooperation with an Austrian carpenter and timber expert, high quality Tyrolean spruce and mountain larch. Both in excellent quality and are offered at unbeatable prices. In addition, we also have a fully equipped carpenters /joiners shop with all professional machinery. In addition to the timber we also use quality materials including Torx screws and high quality wood care products such as oils and waxes.

We can provide quotes for timber builds, extensions, floors,stairs, windows, doors, furniture, roofing, patios etc…

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