A family run real estate business in Portugal

We started out in 1994 as a “two-man” operation and have over the years steadily grown into an experienced, motivated and professional team providing all services in connection with buying a property and the follow up. We want your purchasing experience to be trouble free so your Portuguese adventure starts off well.
You can expect a complete service from the initial contact and viewing of a property through to the ownership of a property via the escritura and land registration.
We want your buying experience to be as smooth and trouble free as possible. To this end, most of the property advertised is already owned by Markus Bosch Lda, which means all the paperwork associated with our properties will be in order for the Escritura (official purchasing procedure) and will have been completed and vetted by a professional solicitor. Both the buyer and seller sign a legally binding promissory contract which describes the property including officially registered land & building details. It clearly defines both parties’ responsibilities and is a contract primarily geared towards protecting the buyer’s interests.
This way the buying process is simple and straightforward with no hidden nasty surprises. We are not the type of business to take your money and leave you with a bunch of problems to sort out afterwards.

We have also acquired a mediation license (AMI no. 10362), which allows us to act as regular “estate agents” for property in central Portugal. However, if we advertise a property on our website, we hand pick them to ensure they meet our criteria and we carefully vet them to ensure any paperwork issues can be resolved.

Due to growing demand and with the in-house help from an experienced carpenter we now offer services in timber and straw bale construction.
With the aid of our professionally equipped carpentry-workshop we can provide a wide range of services from timber frames for straw bale houses to roof structures and interior solutions for new building-projects or renovations.
For the D.I.Y. builder we offer high quality cured construction timber european larch (larix decidua) and european spruce (picea abies). We only sell timber cut in the Tirolean mountains. Due to alpine climatic conditions and a well managed forest-industry this slow growing timber is of superior quality and to a large degree resistant to insect and fungal infestation.
We also supply fastening materials and biological timber-preservatives.
For design-solutions from your ideas we are very pleased that our friend Mike is offering his cooperation. As a very creative designer he can assist in visualizing your ideas and finding practical, money-saving design solutions. Call us for a consultation, you might be surprised at the affordability of creating a home in a healthy, sustainable way.

We also offer the following services:

  • Personal assistance and support from intial property viewing to ownership via the Escritura including the land registration entry.
  • Help organising power of attorney, obtaining Portuguese tax numbers (NIF) & payment of property and registration tax etc.
  • Official preliminary planning permission, full planning permission and design solutions. Quotes for project management.
  • Quality building timber (european spruce and european larch) – rough sawn, planed and prefabricated. Fastening-materials, wood preservatives and treatments organically produced.
  • The planning and building with timber for new builds & renovations including alternative structures like suspension bridges and tree-houses, etc.
  • Sectional or complete solutions for straw bale-houses.
  • Land-surveying, architectural and aerial photography, quotes and coordination for all services.
  • Contacts and quotes for utility connections, boreholes, phones and the internet.
  • Further we offer services and assistance with: translations, official errands, assisting with trips to government or council offices.
  • Land-clearing, land and building maintenance.
  • We also provide reputable contacts for: agricultural or tourism grants, accountancy.
  • Consultancy for looking and buying property in others parts of Portugal.
  • Help with mortgage and loan-negotiations.
  • We only collaborate with experienced, honest and competent professionals such as lawyers, engineers, architects, contractors,surveyors, and other specialists.

It is our goal to gain your confidence through competence. It is our genuine concern and a part of our philosophy on life, that as acustomer you should be assisted with the best advice and in thebest possible way so that you will feel truly at home in thischarming and friendly country.

And now a little personal note:

Years of living in close relationship with nature has given us the opportunity to enjoy and consciously experience natures gifts, rhythms and beauties in an environment more or less free of social conventions. This has led to the inevitable elementary questions of our existence. The questions of origin, meaning, the direction of our life and the many “why’s”. We had the fortune to experience the existence of God, without the influence of religious dogmas or theories. This experience has changed our lives and keeps changing it, in an elementary way. This living true God manifests himself in His word, the bible, and also constantly in nature. His guidance and providence in such a wonderful way has become the foundation for our existence.
For centuries, even millenniums, churches and other religious organisations have continually abused the name of God for their own greed for power, leaving little of the knowledge of the true being of God and his character.
For all the blessings of daily life, for our health, material welfare, friendship and harmony in the family, we want to and can give honour only to HIM, the almighty loving God. But we want to honour him also for the challenges and so called inevitable problems which are necessary for our growth and development and therefore a blessing.
So, don’t be surprised to find a couple of gems out of God’s infinite treasure trove of wisdom on some of these pages.

Markus, Edith, Noah and Flinn Bösch

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